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Portalen is a so-called personal portal that is available to all students at the University. The information in Portalen is divided into tabs and their content varies depending on who you are. You log in with your central user name (CAS).

Students’ Union

From July 1 2010 it is no longer obligatory to be a member of a students’ union. Umeå studentkår (US) is the union for those who conduct their main studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences and/or Umeå School of Education.

Students’ Centre

Studentcentrum gives study guidance and study-related support to students and coordinates educational support to students with disabilities, handles admission of students to educations, gives education in and manages various study administrative systems, administers the University’s incoming and outgoing students, conducts preventive student health care, and issues degree certificates.

Cheating and plagiarism

Cheating is a rule breach that Umeå University regards as serious. This information is intended for students at Umeå University. The page is about what is meant by cheating and plagiarism, what will happen if you cheat and how to avoid it.
Information about cheating and plagiarism

Rules and regulations

As a student you have both rights and duties. Since the University is an authority, it is regulated by laws and ordinances, above all by the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance. There are also rules and guidelines that are specific to Umeå University.

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