Research – The Department of Applied Educational Science

In the Department of Applied Educational Science research is conducted in the following areas, which also include research-based development work and evaluation:

Democracy och Basic Values

In the Department of Applied Educational Science there is research in several basic values areas. Some are well established while others are being developed.
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Interactive media and learning

In order to problematise the interaction among technology, culture and social structures and understand what these mean to the individual and to contemporary learning processes, the information technology perspective (IT) has been complemented with a social dimension. This has created an interdisciplinary research environment where researchers and doctoral students with different backgrounds meet and new views and lines of approach arise.
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Measurement and Assessment

Measurement and assessment of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes, regularly take place in our society, and especially in relation to education. The instruments and methods used for these measurements, their interpretation and use, can give valuable information but can also lead to different kinds of consequences, for individuals, schools or for society at large. The research carried out within the field of Measurement in the Behavioral Sciences focuses on validity issues related to such instruments, but also on measurement processes in a more general perspective.
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Young people’s education, career development and welfare (UKV)

This research area concerns young people in school and the transition between education and work, young people’s welfare and career development and involves about 20 researchers. most of whom are in the Unit for Children and Young People’s Education and Special Needs Education and Guidance, but also in other departments and universities/colleges.
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Special needs education

The Department conducts research in the area of special needs.
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Research connected to till Centrum för Utvärderingsforskning (UCER) [‘the Centre for Evaluation Research’] concerns evaluation as a societal phenomenon and theory and methods development. All in all about xx researchers are engaged in the area.
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