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There follows a brief description of our activities.

The Department of Applied Educational Science was formed on January 1 2010 through a fusion of the departments of Child and Youth Education, Special Needs Education and Counselling (BUSV), Educational Measurement (BVM), Interactive Media and Teaching and Learning (IML) and the Centre for Evaluation Research (UCER). The sections do not share the same premises; the staff of the previous BVM are in the Social Science Building while the other staff are in the Science Building.

About 110 people work in the Department with education, research and development chiefly in schools and other pedagogical activities.

The educational supply spans areas such as teacher knowledge, counselling, dialogue methodology, IT and teaching and learning and measurements and assessments. Among other things, the courses function as parts of teacher education (programme courses) but they are also intended for various professional groups for further education of for other interested people (self-contained courses).
The Department has two third-cycle subject areas leading to a Licentiate or a Doctoral degree: Educational Measurements and Educational Work. The research that is done in the respective degree subject is closely connected to the Department’s research areas, which among other things study conditions for learning in social, cultural and institutional contexts, the contributions to and effects on learning of digital technologies, and measurements, assessments and evaluations.

The Department also has major external missions such as development of the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test and national tests for primary and lower secondary education and upper secondary education.

The Department belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Head of the Department Gunnar Schedin leads the work of the Department.

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